The 3 Types of Communication for Potential Clients; Sidewalk, Slow Lane and Fast Lane!

This past summer I took an updated course on marketing and I received some great ideas and training from Scott Oldford and the mastermind group he put together. 

Let’s start with the basics:  3 Types of Communication:

  • Sidewalk (Basically Cold Messages) – Messages you have for potential clients but they have no idea who you are. They are just working along until you get their attention. 
  • Slow Lane ( Warm Leads) – is when you’re talking to potential customers who know what you offer, but are still in decision mode (basically, they are still deciding between you and your competitors).
  • Fast Lane ( Hot Leads) – refers to the communication you have with your existing customers or people who have communicated with you via FB, Twitter, Email and have shown some high interest in what you offer. These are clients who have made it through your funnel with success and people you really need to connect with to close the sale! 

3 types of communication

SideWalk Messages

A great example of a sidewalk message…. Facebook ads for people or businesses you never met before.  Even if they click the ad and go to your sales page they are still considered a sidewalk message.. NOT A FAST LANE OR HOT LEAD! You need to work them through your marketing funnel have them be a member of your “Fast Lane”.

So What kind of messages do you need for your sidewalk message?

In order to get potential clients to know who you are you need to first get their attention and in order to do that you need to solve their problem!  Yes, all clients have problems and you need to know what that is in order for them to trust you and know who you are! 

Solving their problem is the first step to getting them to the slow lane!

Slow Lane (Warm Leads)

The key here is to start small and test quick!  After you solve the clients problem you need to move quick and respond to the client. Test on what documents people respond to and what they don’t respond to. 

Please do not be scared of Marketing Funnels.. I know they’re some BIG completed funnels out there but keep it simple and small and it will work for you!  Don’t get stressed and don’t think bigger is’s not!  Trust me… bigger just means more places for them to get lost in the funnel. 

So, you solved their problem, they gave you their contact information and you sent them a document or something. BUT did they open it? Did they download and read it?

The Key.. know who is responding and who is not!  How??? Tags!

I like to use programs like Active Campaign and Get Response because they offer tagging systems for your funnel.  Adding tags can make life much easier.

  • Add a tag if the enter their contact information from different ads you have (Each ad, different tag)
  • Tag if they open the offer you send them
  • Tag if they open different newsletters you send
  • Tag
  • Tag
  • Tag…..

Getting the picture????

Fast Lane ( Hot Leads)

TAGS!!!!! This will help you find your fast lane clients.  FAST! and save you time!

These are clients who have made it through your funnel and have all been tagged appropriately!   SUCCESS!  By using the tags you find the potential clients worth spending your time with.

These are the ones you invite to your Webinars and one-one calls or events.  You send them different messages verses Sidewalk Messages.  The reality is you may start with 200 leads from a Facebook ad but only end up with about 10-15 in your Fast Lane.  Don’t be discouraged, that is totally normal.  And wouldn’t you want to spend time on 10-15 people who are exited about what you do verses 200 that are still trying to figure things out! 

Remember Fast Lane are client who know you, trust you and are willing to take the leap! 

Lynne Conrad

Project Manager for Startups!