Project Manager



Serial entrepreneurs are aware that launching a successful startup is difficult. Failure can be traced back to not understanding a target market or there being no market need for a specific product. Further complicating the path to success are founders who are biased towards a “build it and they will come” attitude. Startups that bring in a strong project management leader early in their lifecycle will have a higher probability of success.


Most startups get caught in a “Catch 22”! They need a project manager to help them take their launch to the next level but lack the knowledge themselves or the funding to hire someone for their team.

So what makes me so different?

I’m a Project Manager Specializing in Startups!  Yes, I do all the same things a Project Manager does:

  • Project layout for board members, investors etc
  • Gantt Charts
  • Calendar Layout
  • Progress reports
  • Budget Layout and reports
  • And on and on…

BUT because I was an Executive Virtual Assistant for over 14 years working with Startups from Idea, to funding, to build and then… to eventual Sale!  I’m able to support Startups on every level including:

  • Website Design and Layout
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Office Admin
  • Graphics Design…
  • And on and on!!!

My Goal is to help you get past the “Catch 22” part of being a Startup and help you build your dream!


Oh.. Yes, this can all be done virtually!!! ( A question I get a lot!)

Lets chat.. text me at Lynne 902-579-4596