Find a Mentor for your Startup

Love the line, Olympic Athletes did not get where they are without a coach. Someone to give them advice and training. 

Are you looking to be an Olympic Athlete in your businesses?  Then get a Coach or Mentor… It’s really that simple.

Ah… But who you pick can really make or break your startup! 


Here are 5 steps to consider in picking a mentor to help your dream become reality! 

  1. Willingness to share skills, knowledge, and expertise. This is one of the most important aspects you will be looking for in a mentee.  A good mentor can remember what it was like just starting out and how hard it can be. The mentor does not take the mentoring relationship lightly and understands that good mentoring requires time and commitment. The are also willing to continually share information this is key to building your startup in the right way.
  2. Acts as a positive role model. A good mentor exhibits the personal attributes and shows what it takes to be productive and successful for the long journey of a startup.  What positive behaviours and actions they exhibit will show in your startup with you and your team.
  3. Provides guidance and constructive feedback. Your mentor must be in the field your are building your startup in, because I good mentee will provide challenges that will foster professional development and a feeling of accomplishment in learning the field. A good mentor possess excellent communication skills and is able to adjust their communication to the personality style of the mentee. This is all key to wanting to work and change the world together! 
  4. Sets and meets ongoing personal and professional goals. Setting goals and achieving them is key to building your success. A good mentor continually sets a good example by showing how their personal habits are reflected by personal and professional goals and overall personal success. 
  5. Motivates others by setting a good example.This is pretty much self explained… You can see this for yourself.

I have been to launch events where the startup has won some huge awards or funding. The mentor is always on the list of people to thank. 

If you’re thinking of becoming a mentor or mentee check out The Mentra  for some great advice and support. 

Lynne Conrad

Project Manager