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"My Goal is to work directly with over 10,000 Startups to help them achieve their goals!"
Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value. – Albert Einstein

Are you an existing business or an entrepreneur looking to expand?
Are you a new startup looking for a partner?
What about an existing startup looking to accelerate your business?
Are you a startup team or entrepreneur with an idea to change the world?
Are you looking to outsource Project Management for your Company?
All of the above and then some?...

All startup's should be using the Startup Lean’s basic structure; learn, build, measure
to gain a supportive community to help navigate
the "crazy" early stages of building a startup.

Do you have a business idea you’d like to try out and you’re looking for a friendly and enthusiastic person ( ME!) to help you get there?


"The Purpose of this Toolkit...
is to help Startups & Entrepreneurs move forward in the RIGHT direction... Saving them time & money!"

Yes, there are free toolkits online...BUT most are incomplete OR you need to buy the Pro version to get full access OR they may contain viruses!
Most PM Books cost between $50-$100
Most online forms cost $15 each to download

My Goal was to create a toolkit that had VALUE and priced as a rate that all startups could afford!... Simple!

About Us

Our Chance to Brag!

We have an impeccable record of driving business growth built over 11 years! .

Our most recent project was with Planet Hatch developing a new 3 day crash course startup program! With 37 people, 22 ideas and over 15 different mentors, it was a great program to push startup's to the next level!

We are proud of working directly with many businesses and start-up’s including Laura Fitton with from idea, start-up, funding, growth and eventual sale to Hubspot and with Dan Martell on many projects including his current acquired by Fundable) All have given us strong first rate experience on many levels as a project manager, team leader and gained advanced technical skills.

As a Virtual/Cloud based Assistant & Project Manager our drive, dedication and commitment has been proven by our ability to adapt to many different projects. We have taken and completed many Project Management courses while perfecting technology skills with Mac and PC, strong organizational skills, project proposals and budget planning, risk management, strong ability to multitask, troubleshooting skills, skilled at branding and identity, account management and proven problem solving and analytical skills. We have experience reporting directly to board of directors, CEO’s, entrepreneurs, stakeholders, and business owners.

While this is all important...
having FUN while completing assignments & projects on time and under budget is the main goal.

Myth - Project management certification is a must.
In fact, even at IBM, only 56% of project management specialists hold a certificate.

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Project Manager

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Toolkit & Free Stuff

Offering more services to to reach your Startup's Fullest Potential!

As an entrepreneur / small business or startup getting the right help to grow YOUR business is key to survival in the "CRAZY" early stages of building or expanding. Top Cloud has the experience and training... without having to break the bank!

Free Startup Documents

Free is always good!

I'm offering you over 20 Free documents to help get you started. We know startups and entrepreneurs need all the support they can get to help take it to the next level. These documents are designed to help you; Business Plan Template, 12 Month Profit & Loss, Employee Handbook, General Partnership... plus MUCH more!
Free Startup Documents
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Project Management ToolKit

*** The Main Tool YOU Need! ***
This Project management tool kit will help all startups & entrepreneurs take it to the next level!
Project Management Toolkit

Our toolkit includes:

  • Project Management tips
  • SMART Goals
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Lean Model Canvas
  • Recommended books
  • Value Proposition
  • Project Management methodologies
  • Scrum Templates
  • Gantt Chart
  • Documents
  • Free online courses
  • Plus MORE!!!

Project Manager

Looking for a Project Manager for your team? Startup Project Manager We have the experience to manage any project from start to finish. Create formal PM Documents, lead teams and make sure your project is done on time and under budget (Goal!)
... Everything you need with the key goal of "Your Business!"

Fewer than a third of all projects were successfully completed on time and on budget over the past year. (Source: Standish Group)

Ask yourself... 2 years from now will your business / startup be the next best thing?

If no... what are you doing?... Why are you here? Really...
If yes... you need a project manager specializing in startup's to get you to the next level!

Startup Project Manager

An astounding 97% of organizations believe project management is critical to business performance and organizational success. (Source: PricewaterhouseCoopers)


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Project Managers?

Do Entrepreneurs / Small business or Startups Need Project Managers?

Project management is a dynamic discipline requiring a unique mix of business acumen, technological savvy, and customer-orientation. A strong product/project management focus is critical within organizations looking to deliver best-in-class offerings to optimize profitability. But do (technology) startups need project managers in the very early stages of the business?

Technology entrepreneurs tend to be product-focused, which often leads to a company culture of "if you build it right, they will come". However, many startups fail due to their inability to articulate a need that their product is intended to resolve or how their product might improve performance or user experience. Technology startups that see product/project management as a core competency improve their chances of becoming stable and profitable organizations.

What does a product/project managers do?

  • According to Martin Erikson (2011), a project manager lives at the intersection of business, technology, and user experience. To be successful, Erikson argues, a product manager must be: an expert in one of these domains, passionate about all three of them, and constantly engaging with key stakeholders in each domain.
  • In The Product/Project Manager's Desk Reference (2009), Steven Haines describes product management as “the holistic business management of the product, from the time it is conceived as an idea to the time it is discontinued and withdrawn from the market”.
  • Entrepreneurs tend to be serial entrepreneurs and generally have a difficult time delegating product responsibility before it is too late (Paquet, 2009). Saeed Khan, product management guru and contributor to the Pragmatic Marketing website, has argued that venture capital firms should insist on a focus on product management as part of their investment agreement. “I’ve seen too many cases where a CTO and a CEO are leading a company and the CTO really is technical and the CEO is very business focused and yet they fail because they don’t understand how to bring those two worlds together and how to bring products to market in a scalable, efficient way” (Khan, 2009).

The top three reasons startups fail are:
i) ignored marketplace,
ii) no market need, and
iii) not the right team (ChubbyBrain, 2001).
A product-management focus within a startup is key to validating market need, improving a product or service via customer feedback, and making sure that the founder’s vision is not lost in translation.

Serial entrepreneurs are aware that launching a successful startup is difficult. Failure can be traced back to not understanding a target market or there being no market need for a specific product. Further complicating the path to success are founders who are biased towards a “build it and they will come” attitude. Startups that bring in a strong product/project management leader early in their lifecycle will have a higher probability of success. Venture capital firms would be wise to mandate a senior product-management position as a stipulation of funding so that sufficient focus is placed on understanding marketplace dynamics to ensure that there is a current or imminent need for a new product. The presence of a strong product/project manager may ensure a metrics-oriented approach to obtaining and analyzing customer feedback to create product requirements that can actually solve specific customer needs rather than an unproven vision.